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Mobile Repair Specialists provides Repairs and Services to tiny home owners. Tiny homes contain many of the same systems and parts that are in RVs. Do not tow your tiny home to a shop to be repaired! We come to you. Our on-site Tiny Home Repair Services are fast, affordable, and easy! See our prices!


We come to you! Mobile Repair Specialists provides on-site repairs for all kinds of trailers. Just call and speak directly with an experienced technician about your trailer and the issues you are having. Whether it is a horse trailer that needs an Air Conditioner replaced or wheel bearings, we can help!  Mobile Repair Specialists provides high-quality, quick repairs to get you back on the road! See why choose us. 

Mobile Repair Specialists


Mobile Repair Specialists buys used and broken RVs to repair and resell. We remember what it is like to dream about buying your first RV,  and want to share the RV ownership experience with others.  It is not just a business to us, but an adventure and experience that all families should be able to have. Let us provide the tender love and care to repair your used RV and sell it to another family wishing to fulfill their dreams. 

  • Do you have an RV that has repairs you do not want to pay for?
  • Has your RV been sitting for years and you no longer want it?
  • Did you inherit an RV in an estate and cannot keep it?
  • Do you have an RV you would just like gone? 

Call us at Mobile Repair Specialists! We can work with you in several different ways to remove an unwanted RV. 

First, you can call and we can discuss your particular situation. 

Second, Mobile Repair Specialists will come to your location to see the RV,  and work with you to come to a mutual agreement! We will handle all of the paperwork.  

Third, we will remove the RV from your location at no cost to you. It is that easy!

Though we would love to buy every persons RV, we do have a few limitations. We cannot purchase RVs that have a salvage title, have extreme water damage (roof leak, water leaks, flood damage), have extreme structural damage, or need an entire roof replacement. 

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