Most frequent questions and answers about Mobile RV Repair and Service

Mobile Services means that we travel to your location and provides services, whether it might be a home, office, RV Storage or RV park.  The customer does not have to leave their location to receive services. In the business, this is referred to as a Mobile Technician or Field Technician and is recognized as a specialty job with unique training. We have over 30 years of experience in providing Professional Mobile Services. We are licensed, insured and Certified by RVIA/RVDA

Mobile Services are a better choice for customers for several reasons. First, they provide faster service than an RV Shop and save the customer time. Appointments are within 1-3 business days. Repairs are completed either within the first appointment or done on the second visit if extra parts are needed.  Quick and easy! Second,  they are convenient. A customer does not have to leave their RV, change their schedule to drive to and from an RV Shop, take off from work, unhook their RV, nor wait several weeks for the RV Shop to complete services. Third, they save the customer money. Our hourly labor rates are cheaper than local RV Shops, yet we provide most of the exact same services.  If you add in fuel costs to drive your RV to and from the shop, calculate what your time is worth, missing work, etc. , it all adds up!

Usually, we provide service within 1-3 days. In some cases we will fit a customer into our schedule for same day service. 

No, the customer does not have to be present for repairs or services.  We are a professional company that is fully licensed and insured. 

We provide services at customers homes, commercial businesses, RV Storage facilities, RV parks, and State Parks. In addition, we have roadside assistance services wherever your RV may be broken down in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. 

Yes, we provide services and repairs on all makes and models of RVs. From Class A Motor Homes, to Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers. We work on them all. Some examples include Airstream, Berkshire Hathaway, Newell, Prevost, Keystone, Thor, etc.

Yes, our Technicians are RVIA/RVDA certified (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association/Recreational Vehicle Dealer Association).  They also have RVIA RV Inspector certification and other skills, training, and experience.

It is easy. Just call and we will set up an appointment immediately. Usually, it is next day service.  

We accept cash and credit cards. We do not accept checks. 

Yes, we help traveling RVers all of the time. We provide emergency service to travelers and will try to fit you into our schedule to get you back on the road. 

Yes, most of the time we can help. We know how important fast service can be in an emergency situation. We do everything we can to accommodate your needs and the needs of those you care for. 

We work with most extended warranty companies and manufacturing warranties, but not all. Call us to find out if we can help with your warranty repairs.

Yes, we can do an RV Orientation with you to show you how to work each system in your new RV.  

No, we do not offer Texas State Inspection services for registration purposes. The state of Texas requires this is done at a Dealer location. 

No, we do not do collision repair and body work. There are many local companies that are excellent at this. We are happy to offer a referral. 

No, due to OSHA regulations for enviromental pollution and containment standards, we do not provide oil changes. We recommend an RV Shop for those services.  

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